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Illustration: Dionne Gain.

Will AI spell the death of cookbooks? We put ChatGPT to the recipe test

Neil McMahon asks AI to come up with a recipe based on the contents of his crisper. The result is terrifyingly good.

  • Neil McMahon
Dean and Nancy on 22 has helped raise the standard of hotel bars in Sydney.

How Sydney fell in love with hotel bars (and 10 of the best to try)

Sydney already has world-class restaurants, bars and cafes. And at last, it has hotel bars to match.

  • Amy Cooper
Hara bhara goat riblets at Raja restaurant in Potts Point.
Good Food hat15/20

Hatted newcomer Raja is nothing like other Indian restaurants around Sydney

No one else is serving Indian food with this level of panache and with such youthful energy.

  • Callan Boys
Beef soboro don.

Get ready to crumble: 12 tasty new ways with mince (feat. Japanese rice bowls)

Fresh and light, spicy or saucy, these budget-friendly recipes are anything but bland.

Neil Perry’s chicken Kiev with garlic butter. Or should that be chicken Kyiv?

Ukrainian eatery coming to Broadway (and yes, there will be chicken Kyiv on the menu)

The next restaurant in the Plate it Forward family, Kyiv Social, is set to open in September, supporting Ukrainians in Sydney displaced by the war.

  • Scott Bolles

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