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VicForests unlawfully surveilled environmental activists protesting state logging roughly a decade ago.

How VicForests hired a private investigator to tail an environmentalist

The Andrews government is facing calls to abolish VicForests after the state’s privacy watchdog found its covert surveillance of environmentalists was unlawful and a flagrant breach of privacy.

  • by Lachlan Abbott


Daniel Andrews has poured cold water on Will Fowles’ hopes of returning to Labor.

When MPs allegedly behave badly, justice plays little part in the consequences

If Daniel Andrews is serious about Victoria being an inclusive and safe state, he needs to focus on improving how his workplace handles serious allegations and the people involved.

  • by Annika Smethurst
Voters cast their ballots at the election.

Andrews wary about axing voting quirk despite Labor Party backing overhaul

Tiny political parties can swap preferences and leapfrog more popular candidates into the upper house with few votes. Critics say it’s open to corruption, but proponents argue it represents the will of the people as they turn away from the major parties.

  • by Rachel Eddie

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