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There’s an assortment of glamorous, five-star guest rooms at the Continental Hotel.

10 great Aussie pubs worth spending the night in

These days, a pub stay isn’t just about finding the cheapest option available – many now offer stylish accommodation, as well as great food and atmosphere.

  • by Julie Miller
Struggling to find a seat at the airport? It’s a feature, not a bug.

11 departure lounge secrets that will change your airport experience forever

From free facials to ‘revenue seating’ and ‘wayfinding’, there’s more to a departure lounge than meets the eye.

  • by Sophie Dickinson
 Route 66 between Weatherford and Hydro

Travel quiz: What road was immortalised in song by The Rolling Stones?

Are you an expert traveller? Test your knowledge with the weekly travel quiz.

Can your hotel kettle make tap water drinkable?

Tripologist: Does boiling water in a kettle make it safe to drink?

Is using your hotel kettle to boil tap water in developing countries enough to make it safe for drinking?

  • by Michael Gebicki
The things Aussie expats in London miss most about Australia might surprise you.

The 14 things Aussie expats in London miss most

Expats share what they miss about home. And some answers are surprising – Vegemite or Tim Tams not included.

  • by Julia D'Orazio

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Ignoring the headlines, I went on holiday in Lebanon

It might be in the midst of a financial and political crisis, with a cash-only economy and 264 per cent inflation, but it’s an amazing place to visit.

  • by Katrina Lobley

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The regular commuter trains in Switzerland afford admirable views.

$6600 v $127: How to travel Europe’s spectacular train routes on the cheap

The Orient-Express takes you from Paris to Venice for $6600 but you can make the same rail journey in a sleeper for about $127.

  • by Brian Johnston

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